Water Bullet Cannon High Pressure Water Gun

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Buy Water Bullet Cannon High Pressure Water Gun at the best price. Pressure gun for cleaning cars, windows, walls and other garder utilities, for watering plants, etc. When placing Water Bullet Cannon Spray Gun on your garden hose, it becomes a pressure gun to wash efficiently.
Add your own cleaning product or soap into the tank of the device. Thanks to the revolving mouthpiece, the telescopic gun offers eight different spray configurations.
If you were looking for a hose mouthpiece with several functions for watering and cleaning your house, Water Bullet Cannon is the best option. It works better with heavy hoses than with spiral hoses and does not require electricity or a motor. 
Water Bullet Canon offers 8 positions: high pressure water stream, precision stream, mist effect, rain effect, angle spray, horizontal spray, vertical spray and humidifier. 40.5cm long.


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Water Bullet Cannon High Pressure Water Gun

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